Friday, January 22, 2010

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Well here I got with my first blog here and after a colleague of mine suggested it I thought hey what a good idea! So yes The Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams now has a spot on blogspot so let’s see how long this lasts hehe.

And how or why do I have the name Fae Gatekeeper well that’s the name of my muse and it’s stuck since around 1995. Before I did any artwork I was a writer. Yes a writer now all you critics out there can go nuts heck you critics already do lol. Anyway I have always seen fantastical visions in my head and the best way I could start to express them was through writing . The Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams is my goddess of creation who rules over a glamour enriched world called the Realm of Dreams. Her world can change to anything she wants at her own will and to create more glamour or dreams, she meets with random dreams at her gate and mates with them. The gate naturally is the entrance to her dream world. Sometimes the mating is so strong that children may be produced and those children are the main characters in my stories. They can be viewed on her looms of glamour where she takes magical threads to spin their stories. So I think it is a unique and fantastical vision.

She is one of the things that has managed to keep me sane so she is my pen name I use and for those of you who have read The Servant to Lust series you can see my name as her name. I have about six books out there (yes I use a combination of LuLu and but I have a passion to want to write my books the way I see fit. I could have gotten an official publisher for book one in the Servant to Lust series but they wanted me to make changes to make the story more erotic. Hello…..the story is erotic enough if it was anymore erotic it would be porn. It’s not a story of pornography but a story of survival and Karla is a shadow of me in a lot of ways. Want to hear more about the stories? You can go to or Yes they could probably be edited better and yes this and that might have been better if something else could have been done but these books are one of my greatest passions in life and I truly deeply feel I have done the best with them with what I have.

I feel with what I have done that I have a fairly good following of readers at this point. One of them said that the book inspired her to leave her abusive ex and I also had other readers thank me very much for writing the book. They have yet to read book three yet which is called Delusions of Desire. Delusions of Desire is the BOMB and it did come out at a time when I was (and still am) dealing with the delusion of my mother acting sane. Yes she has had a history of adultery but when she hooked up with my abusive and psychopathic ex boyfriend well that’s enough for me. She kicked him out of her house (all the while my step father was in the nursing home dying of Alzheimer’s) and I thought I could work on repairing our relationship well it seems I was wrong. I am doing much better with the situation but my dear readers you have to admit this causes trauma on a level that is very very very hard to deal with.

That and the fact I would like to stress I am not a bank though some people think I am. My mother had no money to pay for my step father’s funeral (it’s obvious why she didn’t she was housing my ex boyfriend) so yours truly loaned her $3,000. Well she has yet to pay me back and she tells my aunt it’s the insurance company’s fault since they haven’t sent her the check yet. Well if I don’t have my money by the later part of February Crimson Vengeance will rise again. I try to be a nice person but I have my limits and when I saw my mother out with my ex on a date and my step father hadn’t been dead a week (he died recently) I cursed her out violently in the hallway of our local public movie theater. She still didn’t show any remorse for all the crap she’s put me through.

So right now all I want is my money from her but get this, some old college buddies (whom I spent a LOT of money on Christmas presents and they never even said thank you for the Christmas gifts) called me up wanting me to give them almost $2,000. Where are the respectful people anymore? It would be one thing if someone who took the time to check on me called asking for money but they didn’t even say thank you for the gifts I sent and the last time I remember talking to them was around July of 2009. I guess you learn more and more about people. I will not be as generous for Christmas this year as I did last year and it really bothered me that I sent so many people very nice gifts and they didn’t even say thank you.
Funny thing my friends finally said thank you for the Christmas gifts when they asked for the huge sum of money.

But on a more positive note Mardi Gras is in full swing and I am involved in parties a lot. I am on the court and the announcement party is tomorrow so it will be officially announced there who will be in what position on the court. Out of all the drama I dealt with Mardi Gras has lit up my face and it’s given me much happiness in my life.

So I shall try to live with the wisdom of a lady in her 80s but I plan to party with the spirit of a teenager.

Follow my blogs! lol

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  1. Very dramatic and true to the point. I enjoyed learning about fae the gate keeperr and am thankful to know you, have edited book three and for permission to write a story of my own dealing with Karla.